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Running Analysis

Is it the right choice for you?

  • If you suffer from pain after running or would like to know more about your running form, then running analysis is right for you.​

  • Your running analysis will include:

    1. A 20-page report + explanation of your running technique

    2. Running Technique Modification

    3. Exercise Recommendation

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Easy 3 Steps and Your Running Analysis is Done!

Step 1: Make a video of your running

How to film:

1. Film yourself from the back, right and left sides, and the front.

2. Set up the camera at the level of your hips. 

3. Don't use the selfie camera. 


Where to run:

Treadmill or Outdoors. 

What to wear: Comfortable, tight, and short clothes. Make sure I can see you in the video! 

Step 2: Upload and Share the video with us!

The easiest way is to upload your video to Google Drive and share with

You can also use:

Dropbox, YouTube, WeTransfer or any other platform you're comfortable using! 

Step 3: Receive your running analysis within 24 hours

Receive and review your analysis, running modification strategies and recommended exercises.